Edge of Shadows is now available!

It’s hard to believe that today has finally arrived!  After weeks of planning and years of preparation, Edge of Shadows is finally published and available to readers.

Often accomplishments like this feel like they take an army to make happen, and so there are a few people that I definitely need to recognize who helped me get to this place today.

This first is Christine LaPorte, who took on the task of editing my manuscript.  Even when you feel like you’ve scrubbed the words a thousand times, there is still room for improvement. Christine worked with my deadline and delivered my manuscript full of suggestions and tweaks to make my story stronger.  Hopefully the quality shows through to anyone who reads the book.

Second is Scarlett Rugers, who designed the book covers for both the ebook and the upcoming print version.  Scarlett was responsive and inquisitive and gave me some great concept ideas right out of the gate for me to consider.  I think the final product is beautiful and will hopefully catch the eye of browsing potential readers online.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank my husband Jason for giving me the freedom and latitude to make publishing this book a reality.  He was always there to give me a different perspective or advice as I agonized over some of the big decisions, and I know that I couldn’t have done this without him.

Things are going to start being a lot busier on the blog in the coming weeks as I start promoting not only my book but work of fellow authors that I think would be interesting to my readers as well.  Along the way I will sprinkle in more Edge of Shadows news and lessons I’m learning from the self-publishing trenches.

If you are interesting in purchasing your own copy of Edge of Shadows, just click the  Tagged , . Bookmark the permalink.

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