CG News: Shadows Deep (the Edge of Shadows sequel) is Coming!

I can’t tell you how happy I am when I have the chance to chat with Edge of Shadows fans.  While their questions sometimes surprise me, I am always delighted that I was able to create a story that intrigued them and got them excited.  And then the inevitable question always gets asked (cue dramatic music):

When will the sequel be ready?

Now if you’ve been hanging out with me for awhile, you may remember my very first post of 2012 where I said I was tentatively planning the Edge of Shadows sequel for June 2012. I stuck to my guns on that one for quite awhile, but in early March I found that as I started trying to write Purgatory, I got stuck.  And stuck I stayed, which for a writer isn’t good.

I finally admitted defeat: Ellie and crew were banging around in my head telling me that it was their turn again- to hell with those Purgatory upstarts!  So this new journey for them, Shadows Deep, began…and stalled after 10,000 words. (Just so you know, it isn’t that crazy to start a project and then have to rip it to shreds and start over. Sometimes you have to do that a few times to find the true story.)

I finalized the outline for Shadows Deep last night, and things are falling into place. I am totally jazzed to get this story written and share it with you, because it’s GOOD. 🙂  Lots of new plot twists, and some new faces too. (Honestly, I’ve got shivers- lol.)

In the meantime though, just for you, you can check out the teaser blurb on my Novels page. And to keep me honest, I’ve added a little progress bar for you! I figure the more you know about what’s going on “behind the curtain” the more excited you’ll get too.

Right now, I’m planning a launch date of May 15, 2012 for Shadows Deep. (I can’t believe I said it out loud.)  But please know that sometimes things happen, and that date may change. But I’ll let you know as soon as I do.  Thanks for all your support, and feel free to ping me in the comments with any questions.  If I know the answer, I’ll share.

Happy Easter!