Friday the 13th Freebies!

Friday the 13th only comes around a few times a year, and to me these days are like ready made holidays just for me. It’s a day when you expect to find black cats crossing your path, shadows lurking, and a ghost around every corner. My kind of day. 🙂

So in honor of today, I wanted to tell you about some fabulous freebies that will be available today (including my own!).  Now a part of me wanted to just focus on paranormal books, but the more I thought about it, I was sure that even the diehard paranormal fans out there enjoy a book outside the genre every now and then. So there’s a little something here for everyone (including one big GIANT link at the end).

James Todd Cochrane- Max and the Gatekeeper – Young Adult Fantasy/Science Fiction

Dayla Moon – Swarm -Paranormal Murder Mystery

Angela Muse- Lil Glimmer– Children’s

Lisa Grace – Angel in the Shadows (Book I) – Fantasy

M.D James- As the Snow Falls – Gothic Horror

Margaret Lake – A Slice of Life – Contemporary Romance

And lest I forget: Cege Smith – Heiress of Lies – Dark Fantasy/Horror

And if your finger is still twitching for a “Download” button to click to get more free goodies, then I invite you to check out the Kindle Book Bananza going on all day today- over 70 books, all genres, FREE.

Spread the word, and stay safe out there. You know, you’re better off staying inside and reading anyway. 😉