The Wait Is Over: The Queen’s Betrayal Now Available!!

If you’ve been following along on my August blogging challenge, you may have noticed something that happened right around August 17th. I disappeared. Normally I’d say something now like “I’m really sorry I completely mucked up my own challenge”.  But I’m not going to do that.

The reason I disappeared was totally worth it.

I was in the throes of writing the last third of The Queen’s Betrayal, and honestly I needed to stop with the distractions and put my nose to grindstone and get it done.

The Queen’s Betrayal is the sequel to Heiress of Lies, and is finally available for download from Amazon as of today!!  I have to tell you, rereading it when it came back from the editor gave me chills. I love all my books as if they were my children, but this one ROCKS. I am very proud of it, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

As a note, if you haven’t already read Heiress of Lies, I’d recommend that before jumping into The Queen’s Betrayal. We pick right up where HoL left off in the second book, and Angeline’s only been queen for an hour at that point.

Here’s the blurb:

Newly crowned Queen Angeline Robart is in a world of trouble. With her father’s passing, enemies are rising from all sides. She needs allies, but doesn’t know who to trust. Connor, the handsome vampire who captured her heart, is caught in the middle when his coven’s death squad descends on the capital city unaware of his change in fealty. Malin, the man she is supposed to marry, is harboring his own secrets and seems to be eyeing a much bigger prize.

Angeline must save the capital city, control her own demon, and unravel the knotted threads of Altera’s bloody history before it’s too late. Somewhere in the past is the answer to her future.

Celebratory Book Launch Goody!!

Heiress of Lies will be FREE on Amazon on September 5th-6th. Grab it while you can and get all caught with with Angeline and Connor’s story.

Happy Reading!

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