The Houghton Mansion: Virtual Haunted House Tour Stop #8

As the tour rolls on, we are visiting North Adams, MA today to see the Houghton Mansion. This is one location that you don’t have to wonder if it’s haunted, just doing a quick Google search pulls up pages of reported paranormal activity here.

The History

The house was built by Albert Houghton in 1890s. It was truly a reflection of Houghton’s status and wealth. He moved into the house with his wife Cordelia and youngest daughter, Mary. The Houghtons lived in the house for many years, and that should have been the end of the story.

Then August 1st, 1914, all that changed…

Albert Houghton purchased his first automobile, and employed a chauffeur by the name of John Widders. The morning of August 1st, John was driving Albert and Mary Houghton, and two of their friends for a pleasure drive. While attempting to pass a team of horses on a road that was under repair, Widders lost control of the car on the soft shoulder and it tumbled over the embankment.

Mary Houghton and one of their friends was killed, while the other three passengers survived.  Although Albert Houghton survived the crash, he died ten days later.  John Widders was cleared of any wrong doing in the accident, but he still blamed himself. He committed suicide in the Houghton barn shortly after the accident.

Mrs. Houghton was cared for by her daughter Florence, and Florence’s husband until she died in 1916. Florence and her husband sold the home to the masons in 1926, and it has been used as a masonic temple ever since.

The Hauntings

Speculation is that Albert and Mary Houghton, as well as the spirit of John Widders still haunt the Houghton Mansion.  I found this clip of the Ghost Adventures crew’s investigation compelling, and very creepy. (courtesy of Travel Channel)

What do you think? Did the paranormal evidence convince you?

(photo credit ISIS Paranormal Investigations- check out their investigation report of the Houghton mansion here.)


Tomorrow we’ll be visiting the LeDuc Mansion in Hastings, MN. If you are enjoying the virtual haunted house tour, please share it with your friends! See you again soon!

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5 Responses to The Houghton Mansion: Virtual Haunted House Tour Stop #8

  1. Debar Harper says:

    I happen to have a document I thought you might be interested in. It’s 1 gold share signed and stamped by CH.Houghton in 1865. Sold to a J.LMitchlee on Dec 26 1865. other names to mention a few were SamuelS.Curtis, Eben Sears, R.W Sears, John Erskine Sears and GEO.Wardner.

  2. Tashina says:

    Wrong houghton’s there are a few different houghton families that are not related. A.C houghton was the owner of the houghton mansion.

    • Cege says:

      Hi Tashina! Thanks for stopping by. All records on the Houghton Mansion that I’ve located say that it was owned by Albert Charles Houghton. I realize that I didn’t list his full name- but that’s definitely who I meant! 🙂 Thanks for the clarification.

  3. Ahmed says:

    You can work past this. I have faith in the two of you. With time, and counseling, it is polssbie to come to an understanding. It’s not like with pickles. If one of you likes pickles and the other doesn’t . well, then there’s no hope at all.

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