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Immortality. It is a cursed fate for those who possess it as it comes with a steep price that must be paid for in blood.  A chance invite to a popular student’s intimate house party on the eve of high school graduation opens Violet Ward’s eyes to a world she never knew existed. The vampires of myth are real, and she learns that getting tangled up in vampire business can lead to painful, bloody ends. 

Jeremiah and Jonah Montrose are two brothers on a mission spanning a thousand years. They need Violet’s help, but first she has to accept and be accepted into their world. Violet soon discovers that the mysterious Montrose brothers aren’t the only ones seeking her out.  Surrounded by danger, she has to decide who she can trust as one thing becomes clear. There is no escaping her destiny. Violet holds the key to unlocking the truth of an ancient myth, one that promises the answer to a curse-free immortality, but only if she lives long enough to turn eighteen.

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