A Peek Behind the Curtain

As I was wrapping up my month long blog tour for Shadows Deep, I realized something that made me really queasy. I hadn’t written anything but guest blog posts for more than a month.

Now for anyone who has been waiting for the next books in the Twisted Souls or Bloodtruth series, that probably sounds like a harbinger of doom. I have been planning all along to release those books this summer, and this blog tour has, well, put me a little bit behind.

Something else happened along the way as well. I had a whole new set of characters start bending my ear about their story. Ugh- the things that writers go through! So earlier this week, right after I finished the last guest post, I did the only thing I could do.

I dove in with both feet and started to write. On two different novels.

The picture at the top of this post is my writing desk. (I did clean it up for you. :)) On my iPad, I’ve got the running draft for Ageless, which is going to be a new standalone novel about a girl who finds out her obsession with a historical myth is actually her future reality.

On my Mac, I have the running draft for Twisted Souls (Twisted Souls #1). There I am catching up with the four survivors of Soul Implantation 3675, and things are getting creepier and more dangerous for them by the minute.  The notepad on the far right? That’s the outline of the first scene for Angeline’s Quest, which is the sequel to Heiress of Lies and the second installment in the Bloodtruth series.

Yes, I’m that crazy. But once the words start following, it is really hard to stop them so I’m just pounding the keys like crazy and enjoying the ride. The upside of all of this? I expect to have all three novels out by the end of August, and that means… I’m right on schedule. (Hooray!)

My goal is to be able to announce launch dates within the next two weeks. A lot of things depend on my editor’s schedule and I also will be working on the cover art. Thank you to everyone for being patient so far, and I can’t wait to share these adventures with you!

Shadows Deep Is Here! Launch Madness Begins

I have to tell you, I am THRILLED to finally be able to say that the Edge of Shadows sequel, Shadows Deep is available! I am so appreciative of all of the support I’ve received since the release of EoS in November 2011, and it has been phenomenal to have one of the very first questions from fans be “When’s the next book coming out?” It created a lot of pressure too. 🙂

From the beginning, I’ve had the makings of 4 different book series in my mind. (You’ve seen the first book in three of them now.) I had to make a choice in March if I was going to work on the first book in the 4th series, or go back and revisit Ellie and crew to find out what happens next in her journey, so I created the book in physical and digital forms, using Sodapdf to edit the digital versions.

Well, it’s pretty clear which direction I went and I am so happy that I did. Creating a sequel was a lot more work than I was expecting, but at the same time it was like coming home. Ellie’s facing a whole new set of problems in Shadows Deep, and I can tell you that she’s finding out things about herself and her past that she never saw coming. And…it’s not over yet. I can now share that there will be a third installment of the Shadows series that you will likely see before the end of 2012.

Now for the Fun Stuff: Launch Goodies!!

May 15th is the “official” launch date for Shadows Deep, and I’ve got some fun stuff planned for everyone.

1) I want to give away some copies of Shadows Deep, of course! So 5 ebook copies (Kindle or Nook) are up for grabs. What do you have to do to be entered to win one? Either comment here on this post OR on my Facebook fan page and tell me who your favorite Edge of Shadows character was and why. I will pick 5 random winners and announce them on Friday, May 18th.

2) The Edge of Shadows Kindle book is on sale through June 30th, 2012 for only $0.99!  Grab your copy today or gift one to a friend.  On May 15th, you’ll even find it for FREE on Amazon.

3) If you like vampires and you haven’t tried my vampire series, I invite you to download Heiress of Lies for FREE on May 15th-May 16th. If it strikes your fancy, I’d love to hear from you.

4) I’ve started a Q&A group over on Goodreads entirely focused on discussing Shadows Deep. Join in the conversation and ask me anything you want as you are reading it.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me so far on this writing journey, and know I’ve got lots more planned for you this summer.

Happy Reading!

Friday the 13th Freebies!

Friday the 13th only comes around a few times a year, and to me these days are like ready made holidays just for me. It’s a day when you expect to find black cats crossing your path, shadows lurking, and a ghost around every corner. My kind of day. 🙂

So in honor of today, I wanted to tell you about some fabulous freebies that will be available today (including my own!).  Now a part of me wanted to just focus on paranormal books, but the more I thought about it, I was sure that even the diehard paranormal fans out there enjoy a book outside the genre every now and then. So there’s a little something here for everyone (including one big GIANT link at the end).

James Todd Cochrane- Max and the Gatekeeper – Young Adult Fantasy/Science Fiction

Dayla Moon – Swarm -Paranormal Murder Mystery

Angela Muse- Lil Glimmer– Children’s

Lisa Grace – Angel in the Shadows (Book I) – Fantasy

M.D James- As the Snow Falls – Gothic Horror

Margaret Lake – A Slice of Life – Contemporary Romance

And lest I forget: Cege Smith – Heiress of Lies – Dark Fantasy/Horror

And if your finger is still twitching for a “Download” button to click to get more free goodies, then I invite you to check out the Kindle Book Bananza going on all day today- over 70 books, all genres, FREE.

Spread the word, and stay safe out there. You know, you’re better off staying inside and reading anyway. 😉

CG News: Shadows Deep (the Edge of Shadows sequel) is Coming!

I can’t tell you how happy I am when I have the chance to chat with Edge of Shadows fans.  While their questions sometimes surprise me, I am always delighted that I was able to create a story that intrigued them and got them excited.  And then the inevitable question always gets asked (cue dramatic music):

When will the sequel be ready?

Now if you’ve been hanging out with me for awhile, you may remember my very first post of 2012 where I said I was tentatively planning the Edge of Shadows sequel for June 2012. I stuck to my guns on that one for quite awhile, but in early March I found that as I started trying to write Purgatory, I got stuck.  And stuck I stayed, which for a writer isn’t good.

I finally admitted defeat: Ellie and crew were banging around in my head telling me that it was their turn again- to hell with those Purgatory upstarts!  So this new journey for them, Shadows Deep, began…and stalled after 10,000 words. (Just so you know, it isn’t that crazy to start a project and then have to rip it to shreds and start over. Sometimes you have to do that a few times to find the true story.)

I finalized the outline for Shadows Deep last night, and things are falling into place. I am totally jazzed to get this story written and share it with you, because it’s GOOD. 🙂  Lots of new plot twists, and some new faces too. (Honestly, I’ve got shivers- lol.)

In the meantime though, just for you, you can check out the teaser blurb on my Novels page. And to keep me honest, I’ve added a little progress bar for you! I figure the more you know about what’s going on “behind the curtain” the more excited you’ll get too.

Right now, I’m planning a launch date of May 15, 2012 for Shadows Deep. (I can’t believe I said it out loud.)  But please know that sometimes things happen, and that date may change. But I’ll let you know as soon as I do.  Thanks for all your support, and feel free to ping me in the comments with any questions.  If I know the answer, I’ll share.

Happy Easter!

Easter Freebies and a Makeover!

I am off work today and I bet many of you are as well. So to help ease us into the holiday weekend, I thought I’d share with you some books that are free now and throughout the weekend from my friends over in the Indie Author Group.  (Although I am including the free days here, be sure to check that before you click to the “buy” button.) Happy Reading!

Valerie Douglas –Dirty Politics , Song of the Fairy Queen , and Nike’s Wings  Thurs 5th – Sat 7th

Stephen H. King – Cataclysm: Return of the Gods– Friday and Saturday, April 6 and 7. Blog: http://theotherstephenkingonwriting.blogspot.com

Kelly Rimmer – Suspending Reality – – Thursday 5th – Sunday 8th

Sarah Barnard – Earthlink: Impact –  (UK) (US) Free from Friday 6th April through Monday 9th April. Blog: http://sarahbarnard.co.uk

Elena DeRosa – The Valentine’s Day Curse Saturday, April 7th – http://MsElenaeousRants.blogspot.com

Candy Ann Little – The Unwilling Bride  – Saturday April 7th

And a special treat: Edge of Shadows is free TODAY ONLY as well in celebration of its makeover!  I am in love with this new cover and I think it really showcases better what Edge of Shadows is all about.  Pick up your copy here.