Shadows Deep On Tour!

It’s been a busy June already as Shadows Deep is on the virtual road for its new release blog tour.  What’s a blog tour? Well, it’s just like a regular book tour except neither one of us has the leave the comfort of our couch. 🙂  At each stop, the blog owner has graciously agreed to feature Shadows Deep in some way: a book blurb, book review, author interview, giveaway, or guest post by yours truly.

I’ll be checking in along the way and providing you a list of the recent blog stops so hopefully you can keep track as well- I’ll be sharing all sorts of behind the scenes info on not only Shadows Deep, but Edge of Shadows as well. Don’t miss out!

June 2: A Series Begins on Young Adult Novel Reader (guest post)

June 3: My Antidote to Procrastination on Natalie-Nicole Bates’s blog (guest post)

June 4: My Fantasy Casting Call on Lindsay’s Scribblings (guest post)

June 5: Author interview on The Other Shelf

Stop by and say hello!  For a full listing of Shadow Deep’s stops, click here.