Going Shopping In Your Own Closet

This is Day 6 of my 31 Days of August Awesomeness Blog Challenge. Want to know more? Check out the inaugural post here.

First off, yes, the camera on my phone stinks. But the closet pic at the top is definitely of my own closet. I thinned it out quite a bit recently in preparation for an afternoon of closet fun. Nope, not organization. Shopping.

I read some statistic somewhere that we only wear about 20% of the clothes in our closets. After a bit of introspection, that felt right about on target for me. I wore the same rotation of clothes pretty much all the time. It was starting to feel very blah and very boring. But I’d grown to dislike shopping in general because I didn’t feel like I was buying things that looked good on me. I needed to shake things up a bit.

Enter Sally McGraw. Sally writes on a fashion blog called Already Pretty. If you are looking for practical, down to earth, make-you-feel-good-about-yourself fashion tips and finds, then her blog is the blog for you.

Last week, Sally came over for a closet consult. Better known as “shopping in my closet”. The expectation was that once Sally left, I’d have 6-12 new outfits using clothes I already had, and that I would something new things that would help me continue to build my wardrobe out from that point on my own.

After three hours with Sally, I can honestly say that the money for the consult was well-spent, and I have a whole new outlook on clothing and my own personal style.  Sally took my “orphans” (clothes that I loved but I didn’t know what to do with), and combined them with other pieces of my wardrobe to create some fresh, new looks. That was pretty awesome in and of itself.

But beyond that, I gained some thoughtful, personalized advice on what colors, shapes, and styles work best on me. Sally freed me from the idea that I have to tuck in every shirt and wear a belt with every pair of pants. She encouraged me to play with color (oh how I love thee, neutrals!) and reminded me that I do have lots of fun costume jewelry hiding away in my jewelry box.

I also was given an invaluable piece of information: a tailored list of what basic items were missing from my closet. Eureka!! In the last eight days since the consult, I’ve been out shopping three times (which I think is three times more than anytime in the last three months). I strategically picked up a few of those missing items and nothing more- so I don’t feel like I’m wasting my money buying a bunch of things I’ll never wear.

Best of all, I’m getting compliments right and left from friends and co-workers who keep asking me “Is that new?“. Best feeling ever!

So I know not all of you live in Minnesota or have the time/resources to hire a “Sally” for your own closet consult. If that’s the case, then here’s the next best thing. Pick up a copy of Sally’s book. If you follow even 20% of what she recommends you do, you’ll be having a ball shopping in your closet in no time!