The Power of Color

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to the red, white, and black color combination.  It’s funny how I even when I try to consider another combination, I’ll see something like this and it resonates.

This is it.

It isn’t even a question anymore. When I was looking to update my site template, I immediately stopped looking as soon as I found this one.  It just felt right.  It feels like me. It feels like home.

When I was 16, I got a job at a local hardware store. When you spend hours and hours of your life in a retail environment, at some point you start looking for things to buy to curb your boredom.  (Needless to say, that year my mom received a pretty slick toaster oven for Christmas.)

But one thing the store also sold was paint, and I had finally reached an age where my parents granted me creative freedom over my room.  It already had this crazy red shag carpeting when we moved in.  I found a black comforter bed set, and shiny black curtains with red tie backs to match. The only thing that was missing was paint on the walls (they were a stark eggshell white).

I bought some red and black paint and spent a weekend painting the biggest wall in my room (now I know that I was creating an “accent wall”.)  I originally intended to do a black and red checkerboard, but after a few measurements I quickly realized that was going to be a huge PITA.  So instead I broke the wall into 4 quadrants with two red and two black opposing squares.


I cringe now to think how my parents felt when they went to sell our house, but someone bought it even with my crazy accent wall.

The wall was the way that I expressed myself then, and they are colors that I feel help express my emotions now.  Red, black, and white are bold colors.  Someone who uses them isn’t afraid of anything, and that’s how I want to feel, even if sometimes I don’t.

This palette reminds me to be strong and fearless.  It inspires me.

So it wasn’t any surprise that even without any guidance from me, a variation ended up on the cover of Edge of Shadows.

Do you have a color palette that finds you even when you aren’t looking? What colors are “your” colors?

Photo credit: Stella Blue