Rose Hall: Virtual Haunted House Tour Stop #3

What could be better than visiting a haunted house on your birthday? That’s just what my oldest stepson got to do back in 2009, when we visited Rose Hall in Montego Bay, Jamaica during the kids’ spring break.

Today, Rose Hall is a museum and tourist attraction. It sits high on a hill and overlooks the Jamaican coast. The gardens and landscape are breathtaking. But back in the early 1800s, when Rose Hall was an active sugar plantation, it was a much scarier place to be.

The History

This info packed 3-min video features our Rose Hall tour guide who explains the history of the Great House, including giving some nuggets about Annie Palmer, the infamous “White Witch of Rose Hall”.

 The “Wicked” Annie Palmer

Annie Palmer got her name “The Witch Witch” from the Rose Hall slaves. Although she only lived in the house for 11 years, she managed to kill 3 husbands and an unknown number of slave lovers.

Having learned the practice of voodoo from her nanny as well as slaves on the plantation trying to curry favor with their cruel mistress, Annie supposedly conducted dark rituals to keep herself and her land protected from pirates as well as terrorize the slaves and keep them in line.

Every day, Annie would stand on a small balcony off the second floor and issue orders to the assembled slaves below. Often, these orders would include punishments and Annie would watch from her balcony as those slaves were whipped, beaten, or worse by her command. The slaves lived in fear of Annie and torments. Because of her voodoo background, they started to call her the “White Witch”.

Annie often took male slaves into her bed, but quickly bored of them. Once she was done with a lover, she would have him killed and buried in an unmarked grave.

Eventually, Annie’s evil deeds caught up with her. Her roving eye fell upon a young slave man who she couldn’t have, and another one of her slaves killed her to protect the young man from her. Annie was buried on the property in a stone coffin that has etchings that were supposed to keep her spirit inside.

Legend says that the spell was never completed, and so the White Witch was able to escape and continues to wander the Great Hall to this day.

A young maid, employed by one of the subsequent owners, fell to her death from Annie’s balcony. There are those who say that Annie’s ghost pushed her.

Visitors to Rose Hall report hearing strange noises and also capturing strange phenomena and images in photographs of the Great House and the dungeon below. Although we didn’t experience any paranormal occurrences during our visit, after hearing the history of this house, I am certain that if the White Witch could find a way to come back from the dead, she definitely would.


Tomorrow we’ll be visiting the Villisca Ax Murder House in Villisca, IA. If you are enjoying the virtual haunted house tour, please share it with your friends! See you again soon!


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