Magnolia Plantation: Virtual Haunted House Tour Stop #10

When my family decided to vacation this past summer in Charleston, my very first thought was “Yippee!! Plantations!!”.  (I may have mentioned my love of plantations in the very first tour stop at Latta Plantation.)

I grew up watching Gone with the Wind, so in my mind, every Southern plantation house must look just like Tara, right? Alas, it is not so. However, there are definitely still some lovely plantation homes to be visited, like the one I’m featuring today: Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, S.C. They just aren’t as big or grand as the way that Hollywood portrayed plantation homes.

There are a few very cool things about this location:

  • It’s been in the Drayton family for 300 years.
  • This is the 3rd house to stand on the property. Naturally, after 300 years, things happen (like the Civil War) and the house has evolved with the family and the times.
  • The gardens are stunning. The late Reverend John Drayton worked in the gardens not only for the health benefits (he suffered from tuberculosis), but also to give his wife a beautiful place to live that would make her forget her former life in Philadelphia.

Now, a place that is as old as Magnolia plantation is almost expected to have its share of ghostly visitors, especially Drayton family members who have passed on. For example, Rev. Drayton’s older brother, Thomas Drayton, died of a gunshot wound (a hunting related accident) on the plantation home’s steps. It seems plausible that he may still be in residence on Magnolia Plantation.

A recent paranormal investigation by the Ghost Hunters turned up strange noises including music, a young girl’s voice, coughing, and an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) of a voice who asked “What are you doing?” (Read a full account of the investigation here.)

None of these unexplained things seem overtly threatening, but at the same time, no one wants to be there after dark.

Tomorrow is the last stop on the virtual haunted house tour. I’m in Uptown, MN visiting the location of the fictional haunted Bradford mansion from my Shadows series. If you are enjoying the virtual haunted house tour, please share it with your friends! See you again soon!

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