Sing Your Heart Out

This is Day 9 of my 31 Days of August Awesomeness Blog Challenge. Want to know more? Check out the inaugural post here.

There was a period of time when the kids constantly walked around the house singing. Mostly it was random tunes and notes, nothing with words or that I had ever heard before.

Whenever we’d say something about it, they’d look at us with complete surprise on their faces. They didn’t even realize they were doing it. It was something that felt natural and fun, and there was no conscious effort required. It was like their insides were bursting with happiness and they just needed an external way to express their joy.

Singing is something that I’ve loved to do since I was little. Wanting to be a singer ran a very close second to my desire to be a writer. In junior high I auditioned for every musical, took choir every year as an elective, and even joined show choir. Singing was just something that I did; I never thought twice about it.

Somewhere around my sophomore year of high school though, being in singing-related activities started to feel less fun, and more like work. I guess that’s the testament to if  you are passionate enough about something to really make a go at it. I felt pressured to perform and constantly stretch myself, and at the end of the day singing was something I did for fun. So I joined the drama club and focused on the light crew instead. 🙂

In my early twenties, we started hanging out at a local dive bar after my company softball games. We were horrible; we lost every game. So we’d go out to drown our sorrows. The bar we always went to had a karaoke night that same night. My interest was piqued. An interest in singing re-entered my life.  I needed a part-time job, and so I thought why not? I auditioned with the karaoke company and started hosting shows myself three nights a week.

I grew out of wanting to hang out in the bar scene after I got married (the first time). But as is always the case with things in life, the interest in singing emerged again when my boyfriend (now my husband) started exploring his musical side again. So we trek down to our local karaoke hangout about once every other month for some karaoke goodness. In fact, it’s where we’re headed tonight.

All sorts of people sing. Some sing the same song every week because it’s comfortable and easy. Some people shake when they sing and their voice quivers, but they get up there and do it anyway. There are some people who bring the house down with their talent, and still others who should never ever try to sing in public again (but you can’t tell them that).

Regardless, one thing is common for all of them. They sing because feel like they can’t not sing. Their insides are bursting and they need to get it out. Just like my kids. Singing can join a whole group of people together and make everyone happy. Which is why it remains one of my favorite things to do.

Just in case you’re wondering, my current favorite song to sing? Invincible by Pat Benatar. 🙂

(photo credit p_a_h)