The Soul Garden Is Now Available!

I’m learning a lot about how to balance my writing/production time with all of the regular things that happen in life.  I do hold a “day job” currently, and so all of tasks and activities that go along with being an author (writing, reading, promoting) happens during my off-time, which not so long ago was “personal” time.  I’ll write more later about my lessons learned and how I’m adapting, but needless to say all of the holiday fanfare messed with my anticipated release date for The Soul Garden.  I wanted to release this on Dec. 17th, and instead it went live late last night (9 days late).

I can’t beat myself up too much though because it’s out there now and frankly I think it’s awesome. Here’s the description:

“There was Before and then there was Now. Do not grieve the loss of Before. It was a wicked time when people turned away from the Light, and for their sins they were punished. Rejoice in the Light and Rejoice in the Now for it is your salvation.”—A History of the Territory of Malm, Authorized Version

As punishment for mankind’s horrible deeds in Before, infants in the Territory of Malm are born soulless. These infants are safeguarded from society until the day of their soul implantation, when they are ensouled and finally become completely human.

The Territory of Malm has been ruled by the Office of Souls under the watchful eye of the Head Master for over one hundred years. While the territory has grown and prospered, some Residents have started to chafe under the carefully controlled procedures that govern every aspect of a Resident’s life, including procreation. But they have little choice; there are only a limited amount of souls available, and the Office of Souls controls soul distribution.

Soul Implantation Day 3675 starts out like any other day, but follows the paths of five different people who are destined to meet in the courtyard of the Fountain of Souls to witness a soul implantation ceremony that goes terribly awry and the beginning of an epic struggle between good and evil.

The Soul Garden is the Prequel to the upcoming Twisted Souls series.

You can download The Soul Garden for FREE right now from Smashwords.  If you’ve never visited Smashwords before, you have the option to download different file versions so you can view the book on your PC, on your Kindle, Nook, Sony eReader, iPad, iPhone, etc.  It will be available shortly on Amazon, but until Amazon figures out the price match, it’s $0.99 there.

As always, if you do download one of my books and enjoy it, I would LOVE it if you would post a review of it from wherever you happened to download it (and you can be honest- I can take it!).

Happy Reading!