Is It Just Me, Or Is It Feeling Warm In Here? (aka- The Long Awaited Bloodtruth #4 Release Date)

5273990757_d4d13c500fI love you guys. I have mentioned this many times before, but I am still blown away by the response I’ve received to the Bloodtruth series over the last two years. And after a recent Bookbub promotion featuring Heiress of Lies (Bloodtruth #1), it’s become a lot more intense. You’ve been churning up the heat for Bloodtruth #4, and I feel it!

So instead of giving you a bunch of lame excuses about why it’s not out yet (they’re really not that lame- just the cosmic interference of real life sucking away all my writing time), I’ll just tell you when it will be out.

Drum roll please….

A Heart’s Deceit (Bloodtruth #4) will be released on March 4th, 2014!!!

So mark your calendars now, OR head on over to my fancy new Pre-Order page and get a digital copy delivered to your inbox a whole day earlier. That’s right- pre-orders get first dibs, and they don’t even have to wait in line. (Sweet, right?)

I’d write more, but I’ve got a deadline. Hope you understand. 🙂

(photo credit Andrew Malone)

So Far, So Good! Trials of Truth (Bloodtruth #3) Is On The Way

One of my favorite things is hearing from readers that they have fallen in love with my characters the way that I have. That seems to be especially true for readers of the Bloodtruth series.

I have been on the journey with Angeline and Connor for well over a year now. Their story flew from my fingers onto the keyboard for NanoWrimo 2011 and was the basis for Heiress of Lies (Bloodtruth #1). I visited them again last summer when I wrote The Queen’s Betrayal (Bloodtruth #2).

I heard loud and clear that the ending of The Queen’s Betrayal literally left people hanging- some even screaming “NOOOO!”.  I write until the logical end in my mind, and sometimes that means that we’re all left in a place of discomfort for a little while.

I am delighted to share that things are well underway for Trials of Truth (Bloodtruth #3) and I expect to be able to share the release date of that book shortly. One thing that I’ve added to this book is that we get to hear directly from Malin about what’s going on in his world. I felt like that was important to share in this book because Angeline’s kingdom is in a great deal of peril, and unfortunately, she’s got her own stuff to deal with before she can deal with that. Since somebody had to stay at home and man the fort, that means that Malin gets a lot more stage time.

Is he good or he is bad? I’m going to let the readers decide. But one thing is for certain- in Altera, nothing is that black and white.


To whet your appetite, here’s my working blurb for Trials of Truth:

Queen Angeline Robart left her kingdom and her people in the hands of her betrayer to embark on a mission to find her cure. But each passing hour that the wraith remains part of her seems to make it even more difficult to banish. The mysterious and elusive Clan seem to have the answers, but Angeline can’t help but question their motives, and the price she will be required to pay for her freedom.

Connor is forced to make a decision between his fate and his love for Angeline. While his hope has always been that those two things would coincide, it seems that their ability to be together isn’t meant to be, at least if the Clan has anything to say about it.

Meanwhile, back in the capital city of Brebackerin, Malin finds that the enemies who have been lying in wait want revenge for Connor’s betrayal. He must find a way to hold them off, and keep the kingdom in one piece, until Angeline’s return.

Sound off in the comments below. Which character do you love? Which one do you hate?