Drowning in the Pool of TBRs

Last weekend, I found myself with not a lot to do. That’s my favorite kind of weekend. Yes, I knew that I should start working on the next installment in the Twisted Soul series, but honestly I wasn’t quite ready yet. So what’s a girl with free time to do?

I opened up the Kindle app on my iPad and was promptly overwhelmed. You know all those wonderful free books that you find to download on Amazon everyday? I’ve apparently been doing a bit of stockpiling. I scrolled down, and down, and down, and down some more. Whoa- I knew I was behind on my reading but this was ridiculous.

I thought I had been pretty good about tracking my downloaded books and adding them to my TBR (to be read) list over on Goodreads, but like so many good habits that one feel by the wayside sometime in April.

So coming back to all the free time I had last weekend- I gave myself permission to read. That probably sounds a little silly. I can read whenever I want right? Well, with all of the work that went into the creation, release, and promotion of Shadows Deep, I felt guilty about taking time away from that to read. So I didn’t.  At least, until last weekend.

Since then, I’ve read 4 books and I’m getting ready to start on my 5th. I’m thrilled to say that none of them stunk either. (You never know picking up free books.) In fact, I’d even say that a few of them were freakin brilliant.

I’d rate them like this (most favorite at the top):

Wool by Hugh Howey

Breakers by Edward W. Robertson

Darkhouse by Karina Halle

Wet Linda by Paul Parducci (on this one you have to ignore the rather blatant formatting issues in places, but hang with it)

I’m going to feed my brain some nonfiction goodness with my next read- I’ll keep you posted on that one. In the meantime, I think I’ve figured out to float in my TBR pool and the water’s just fine. 🙂